Jake Paul White Yoga Design

Jake Paul White is a Brand Stylist, Designer and Yoga Teacher who is dedicated to helping people share their passion with the world


Digital Nomad, traveler and wellness warrior, Jake Paul White is part of a new generation of creative designers embracing minimalism, simplicity and originality in all his work.  Over the course of his career, Jake has developed a myriad of skills and working knowledge in all areas of design earning a strong reputation for his branding and logo design expertise.  With his intuitive ability to connect with audiences both online and through print, Jake has worked with a diverse group of international clientele including yoga studios, eco-conscious entrepreneurs and innovative health and wellness businesses.  

Jake is a personable, passionate and professional individual.  As an art graduate of the University of Brighton, Jake is classically trained in fine art printmaking and graphic design.  Jake merges his strong foundational background in art and design with a forward-thinking and flexible approach to branding.  Jake prides himself on delivering a unique product - working with all his clients consultatively, inviting an open dialogue and ensuring that all of his design projects are personal, tailored and truly one of a kind.

As a wellness ambassador, Jake's friends, partners & supporters include; Puma, Ohmme, Warrior Addict, Boys of Yoga, Grip The Mat and many more.

Jake's goal is to help people realise their full potential. Whether it be in a personal practice like yoga or out in the world with business, he hopes to help you refine your skillsets and realise your passion.


As a designer and brand stylist, Jake helps entrepreneurs live out their dreams through modern and strategic design. Much like his yoga practice, Jake's design work streamlines and simplifies in order to give people the practical tools they need to share their stories with the world. Behind the scenes, Jake works with wellness brands like Yoga Girl, Budokon Yoga, Yoga International and Bryce Yoga and helps to guide and consult wellness businesses in the modern world.  


On the mat,  Jake shares a strong and dynamic practice that creates freedom in the body and mind. Jake’s methodology to mindful movement brings a strong physical focus. He's passionate about simplifying each posture in order to refine and transform the practice. His goal is to offer a challenge that creates deeper a connection to each pose every time you step on the mat.


Want to work together on something creative?  Drop Jake a message.