Recent Work

Bronwyn nia yoga

Bronwyn is a highly trained  yoga teacher based out of Seattle. She is passionate about using yoga as a medium to promote self-acceptance, empowerment and inspiring her students to find mental and physical balance.

ali oweNs yoga

Based out of sunny Manhattan Beach, California, Ali Owens is a yoga teacher, movement enthusiast, spirit junkie, nature lover and arts advocate. Her teaching has taken her all over the world to destinations such as Bali, Santorini and Tulum,

bryce yoga

Bryce Yoga are an internationally recognised teaching duo.  Bryce Yoga is the combination of Briohny + Dice’s love for one another and their mutual love for yoga.  They are parents, lovers, avid handstanders and yogis.  


Design projects that are personal, tailored and truly one of a kind


I specialise in unique branding solutions for inspiring and passionate business owners around the globe.  I listen to your story, take plenty of time to understand your business and create a unique brand identity that both reflects your personal style and serves as a timeless marketing tool. 



Branding begins with a clear articulation of unique brand values, personality traits, aspirations and proposition.  Taking all this on board, I build brand identities from the bottom up


Logo Design

Crafting a well-designed logo involves attention to detail and being up to date with the latest trends in design.  I design distinctive logos that are creative, memorable and enduring, so your customers will remember you

Print Design

Print is tactile and inventive.  Often used to accompany a digital campaign, print can break boundaries in a way that digital can't.   I pair print and digital together to create a harmonious brand experience


A forward-thinking and flexible Approach to branding


Based in the beautiful South East of England, Jake White is a creative designer embracing minimalism, simplicity and originality in all his work.  His strong reputation for branding and logo design has led to him working with a diverse selection of international clients including the renowned Bryce Yoga, Budokon and Yoga International.  Jake prides himself on delivering a unique product - working with all his clients consultatively, inviting an open dialogue and ensuring that all of his design projects are personal, tailored and truly one of a kind.