website Questionnaire

It’s time to create a website to house all your awesomeness!

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Your Name
I.e. inform people of your services, attract potential customers, sell a product or service, build the new Facebook, etc.
I.e. brand mission, your story, your product, services, blog posts.
I.e. home, portfolio, blog, contact.
I.e. home page slider, testimonial block, newsletters block, social icons.
I.e.. inspired, welcomed, excited, uplifted.
The image size needs to be between 1000px - 2000px and the file size between 500KB - 2MB. They can be sent via Wetransfer or Dropbox.
The cost of this will be added to the project.
Placeholder text is used to demonstrate where to add text and can be updated easily when you're ready.
Please link 3 websites that you like and let me know why.
Don't be shy.