Kate Swarm Yoga

Re-Branding, Logo Design, Print Design, Art direction


Kate Swarm is an Oregon based yoga teacher, childbirth educator and birth doula.  As a yoga teacher, she is most known for her Honey Flows classes that emphasise on a sticky-sweet connection between mind and body.

Kate commissioned us to design a logo that would represent her edgy and sultry style. Inspired by sacred geometry, nature and Kate's unique personality.  The result was a highly personal, one of a kind design.

kate Swarm Yoga Branding
Jake Paul White Yoga Logo Design
kate Swarm Yoga Logo Design
kate Swarm Yoga Logo Design
Kate Swarm Yoga Brand Identity
Kate Swarm Yoga Print Design
Kate Swarm Yoga Business Card Design
Kate Swarm Yoga Branding
Kate Swarm Yoga Typography
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